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Companies that have implemented digital technologies across their business have been successful in enhancing revenue sources, competing against digital natives and outperforming peers.

A recent survey of PwC found that 45% of IT executives see growing revenue through improving digital capabilities as a top priority

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About Us

Elissa is all about excellence, reliability, passion, flexibility, integrity and quality.

We are a newly-founded software & fintech startup in Myanmar incorporating with Comprio Pte Ltd, Singapore.

People, who are impassioned, hardworking and smart, who are always looking for ambitious missions, who believe in sharing what we learn and who love to help our industry improve, are living inside the heart of Elissa.

Our Products

We are building various systems to help our customers' day-to-day operations and business. We deliver our products with happiness, quality, reliability, peformance and efficiency.

E-Wallet System

E-Commerce Platform

Express Ticket System

Book Buy/Sell System

Point of Sale System

Restaurant Management System

Our Services

Our software development team thinks and works differently to help you implement digital technologies for your business.

Software Consultation

Software Development

Cloud Migration

Our Portfolios

These are our innovated applications. We continue to create new applications for our customers.

Our Values

We are driven by our own values. We value these values.

Customer First
Embrace Change

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We love to support our customers at our best. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.